Welcome 2021


The year 2020 has come to an end. I know that each one of us went through different problems due to the pandemic.
But we all had enough courage to sail through the journey. So kudos to each of one you.
No matter what 2021 has instore for you, keep dreaming, make them true and live your life happily.
Spread joy around you and keep faith in yourself.
Taking this time to thank each one of you who have supported me to go through 2020.
My dears Believe in yourself and start your journey towards 2021 😊
Happy New Year 2021!

Rays of hope – WHO TELLS


Child crawles when laid on the floor
Does anyone command him to do so ?

Ant moves along the way collecting food
Does anyone tell it to do so?

Honey bees takes the sweet honey to the hive
Does anyone tell it to do so?

Air spreads the whole world giving life
Does anybody tell it to do so?

Sun rays touch earth crossing kilometers
Does anybody tell it to do so?

Start with a ray of hope everyday
Where there is a will there is a way!

Nature hike around Bubenruth


Its Summer and everybody wants to do something new . Finally i too planned with my friends for a nature Hike. Many thanks to Komoot app which helps to plan trekking , hiking in Germany

Anybody who lives near by Erlangen can plan to go for this one day hike to Schloss Atzelberg Loop from Bubenruthhttps://www.komoot.com/smarttour/272159 –  Komoot plan which we referred for our hike, you will get the entire map and how to plan your hike and even you can follow the same route which is already provided. The best part is you can even download the map offline and use it .

Greenery welcomed us at the entrance of Bubenruth with chirping birds and gentle breeze .We were amazed by seeing different little trails which could take as to far away different places. But still we decided to stick to the route we planned 😀


For nature lovers i would say the same place could be hiked for at-least 5 times by taking different walking trails

Summer seems less intense , we could just walk and walk and go on .  It was nearly mid noon when we reached our first destination point of the hike – Tongrube Marloffstein

Then we went to the cafe  restaurant which was on the way –

Good place to get drinks ,food and freshen up yourself for the rest of the walk . For the folks can taste the local beer like Bamberger beer

Then we continued our hike to our next destination point Marchenweiher – Small water streams and a pond was waiting for us to see

Along your way you will find different paths , and i bet you would be tempted to take those paths. Whichever route you plan , a fantastic farm will be on your walking bed

Nature can always surprise you in her own way – Quiet along the path we found cherry trees and flock of ducks . We also explored the trails which were not planned in the map , which makes your adventure thirst complete

However you plan , nature can always give lovely surprises which will make you happier 🙂
Words are not sufficient to express the feelings , better go out yourself and experience the nature gifts

Pack yourself’s with water and food , so that you will be able to enjoy the whole hike and charge your phones , cameras for good clicks
Note: Don’t expect the streams to be flowing with water during summer 😀

Somewhere between bottom of the climb and summit is the answer to the mystery why we hike – By Hiker!